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What Is The Importance Of Buying Ideal Golf Shoe Insole?

What Is The Importance Of Buying Ideal Golf Shoe Insole?

Few Ways To Clean The Shoes Whose Insole Cannot Be Removed

Few Ways To Clean The Shoes Whose Insole Cannot Be Removed

The Rich And Beautiful History Of The Ballpoint Pen

The Rich And Beautiful History Of The Ballpoint Pen

Nashville Tn Commercial Roofing

The exterior of your building makes your first in-person impression to your clients and customers, so be sure to make that impression a positive one. While it may be important to focus on your landscaping and your paint job, roof restoration price is here to t...
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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using A Clear Face Masks!
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Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using A Clear Face Masks!

It is in your hands to control diseases as well as focusing on its preventions by using a clear face mask. People are using different type of face masks for getting an ultimate prevention from viruses and disinfections. It helps in lower down the growth of tiny and small particles of germs through which it will become beneficial to preserve yourself. 

Wherever you go, it is very important for you to cover your mouth and nose with the help of a mask. For this, you can also go for a clear face masks for deaf people. As a reason, with the expressions and lips sync they will be able to understand your actions of words and speak. 

Benefits such as:

  • If you wear a clear mask then it will look similar to a face covering mask which is made with cotton fabric that benefits as lightweight. It will become easier for them to see and read your lips for understanding that what you are trying to say. 
  • Using a clear face mask is beneficial as comparing to using other masks in front of deaf people because through this mask they will be able to view your words and facial expressions that will help them a lot for forming a better communication. 
  • You can choose the mask according to your efficiency and requirement because by using a clear face mask they will get to know what you are saying them. 

If you will wisely go through all the information which is listed in the above section then it will become beneficial for them as well as for you to form a better communication with them. By using clear face mask, they will be able to listen your words and expressions.

Principles of Gaining Muscle
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Principles of Gaining Muscle

A Kiss (Keep it simple stupid) approach to building muscle is what a lot of people tend to overlook. Instead of focusing on the basics, which are proven to work, beginners tend to focus on the stuff that the advanced trainees experiment with. What gets forgotten in the process is that you need to actually be at the advanced level to even have a chance to benefit from these technique. Thats similar to learning how to swings your arms as efficiently as possible during a butterfly stroke in swimming, before you can even swim. That approach simply doesn’t work very well. The KISS approach to building muscle is based on three principals: Nutrition, Training, and Rest.


If you have ever said the words I just can’t gain weight or I eat all the time, you are the greatest offender of overlooking the KISS principal. Gaining muscle is not rocket science for beginners, while you should make an honest attempt to eat as healthy as possible the main focus should be calories.

Eat at least three quality meals per day with two-three snacks in between them    A quality meal is a meal that contains a protein source (any type of meat, poultry or eggs), a carbohydrate source (brown rice, potatoes, whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta, beans), and a fat source (olive oil, avocados, nuts or seeds)    Snack can be nuts, a protein shake, or a hardboiled egg To further increase calories add post meal calorie dense foods, milk and peanut butter are easy choices A glass of milk with each meal and one before bed will add anywhere from 500-600 calories, add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter with it and you have over a 1000 calories    Adding calorie dense foods should be a gradual process with 500 calories increase to minimize fat gain

This exact eating formula and calorie dense foods formula has been used by many old-school strongmen and bodybuilders. Additionally, you may also consider testogen drops when gaining muscles. This supplement is designed to support in building muscles. Hence, this is a good pair for your training and diet.


The principals of strength training haven’t changed over the past 100 years, so why try to reinvent the wheel with experiments.

Do basic compounds exercises – such as the squat, deadlift, lunges, step-ups etc. for the lower body and bench press, pullups, rows, overhead press, the clean press; or jerk etc. for the upper body, throw in some isolation work for the arms and lagging body parts as needed    Follow the 3-5 rule. Workout 3-5 times per week with 3-5 exercises for 3-5 sets and 3-5 reps, rest 3-5 minutes between sets. Isolation work does not need to be counted for the 3-5 exercises nor does it need to be done for 3-5 reps Progressively increase your poundages in small increments, slow but steady is a great principal to follow    Every 4-8 weeks take a back-off week where you reduce your reps and intensity (weight used)


Sleep is the best and primary method for you body to recover and build muscle. Most bodybuilders and old time strongmen swear by 8 hours and it is a good rule to follow. Please note that the following methods will not make up for an inadequate sleep schedule and 8 hours should be the bear minimum.

Hot saunas, Jacuzzis and Contrast Showers can help increase blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues, increasing recovery    Massages, Foam rolling, and stretching is a great way to break up scar tissue and loosen up tight muscle

These principals have been used for hundreds of years by old time strongmen and bodybuilders such as Paul Anderson (this guy would drink a gallon of milk during his workouts), John Grimak, the Saxon brothers, and many others. Paul Anderson was 300+ lbs and squatted over 1000 lbs, John Grimak was an Olympic weightlifter and a bodybuilder with his on stage weight of 200 lbs of lean muscle, and all three Saxon brothers were 200+ lbs and extremely lean. These individuals achieved their accomplishment in an era when steroids and supplements simply didn’t exist.

How To Make Dog Bath Time Easier

How To Make Dog Bath Time Easier

One of the most “agonizing” chores for a Shiba inu puppy owner is Dog Bath Time. Let’s face it; most dogs don’t really enjoy getting wet. So, how can you give your dog a bath without making him mad at you?

Fun Fact: Do you know that dogs often prefer showers to baths? That’s because they can get sprinkled rather than immersed.

5 Quick Tips to help you get a better result in Dog Bath Time.

Tip One: Encourage your dog to swim. If you’re a swimming pool or you can take your dog to the beach (not the best option for young dogs), encourage him to get into the water. You could toss in his favorite toy to coax him to swim. Once he gets over the fear, he will enjoy being wet. Then, the bath will not be so challenging. Of course, you should never “throw” your dog into the water and should never be forced into any of these situations.

Tip Two: Action begins in the bathtub. Start with just a few inches of water in the bathtub. Remember the level of water doesn’t go beyond his chest or he may be too afraid to get in especially the tub is slippery and may not get a secure footing. It would be wiser to have a rubber mat line at the bottom of the tub to give him a sense of security; otherwise, a bath towel will do just fine too.

Tip Three: Your behavior matters. If you are trying to give your dog a bath and he is fighting with you and if you begin to ruffle and fight with him, he is not going to cooperate with you at all. Instead, talk soothingly and calmly to your pet. Encourage him to relax by say reassuring things like “good boy”, “clever girl” and “good job” as these will show him that he is not being harmed as well as that he is behaving right. Once you begin to settle your dog through soothing language, he is likely to stay and relax while you begin to lather him with dog shampoo.

Tip Four: Make it fun. Once he begins enjoys the comfortable surrounding water, you may want to increase the water level to a few more inches. Take a floating toy and push it to the bottom. Hold it there for a few seconds then release your hand. Your dog will be very excited to see the instant appearance of his favorite toy. Now do it again, but hold it much longer. He may duck his head into the water to retrieve it. If not, don’t despair. Not all dogs are born retrievers. Just don’t give up, he will soon learn to fun in water after a few more tries.

Tip Five: Make it relaxing. Your dog bath time should be comfortable, if not fun for him. Be gentle to scrub his coat and slowly work your way to his skin. Give him the best massage that you can offer. Gently wash his coat down to the skin and rinse him off. It’s not possible to keep the water out of his eyes, but what you could avoid is to flash water (either through showerhead or water bucket) directly onto his face and eyes. Instead, you could rinse from the head down as you work the lather off his muzzle, jaws, and ears. Dogs enjoy being massaged and petted so make those hard-to-get-by areas pleasurable. This is what it will feel like in a proper bath.

What’s the Best Way to get Young Puppy to Enjoy his Bathing Routine?

In any event, should you found yourself with a very young puppy (under 8 weeks) by unforeseen situations; then the above dog bathing tips are not advisable, to begin with.

The golden tip I’d advise for novice dog owners is to get the puppy to enjoy his bath time is sponge bath using no lather dog shampoo. Your primary goal is to get him accustomed to water, so try not to fuss over the “cleanliness” of heavy lather from regular dog shampoo. Make the first couple experiences as short as possible. Ten minutes at most. As your puppy progresses with the bathing routine, take this opportunity to play with him through massages and petting, as you work on those often neglected areas like “armpits”, groins, underneath and in-between paw pads.

During my early days in dog breeding, I started training my puppies for a bath when they were about a week old. I’d soak a cotton pad in lukewarm water, squeeze it semi-dry then gently wipe their entire bodies with it like their mother would do (lick) to facilitate them in their excretions. The best method is to go in the same direction as hair growth. This is especially so when you are working on your puppy face, in order to make it as pleasurable and soothing as possible.

Once your dog enjoys the bath time routine, he will beg you to wash him once he got himself dirty at plays. There are some clever dogs will join in with you when you are having your shower.

Dog bath time doesn’t have to be a chore. And if you still having difficulties getting him to corporate with you then take him to the professional dog groomers. It would be good if you stay to watch how they get your dog to listen and behave during a bath. Bathing is a necessary thing to do to your dog, but it doesn’t have to be a battle.

Nashville Tn Commercial Roofing

Nashville Tn Commercial Roofing

The exterior of your building makes your first in-person impression to your clients and customers, so be sure to make that impression a positive one. While it may be important to focus on your landscaping and your paint job, roof restoration price is here to tell you all about the expenses so that you can plan your budget. 

An old, damaged roof might give your customers the impression that you don’t care or that your company isn’t doing well, while a maintained roof will show them that you take pride in your business. And the condition of the roof usually doesn’t stay on the outside of your building; it ends up affecting the condition and appearance of the inside as well through leaks.

At Value Roofing, we understand that you want to make the right impression to your clients and customers – we do too – and we want to help you do just that. That’s why we provide top-notch roofing services & commercial roofing in Nashville, call us today at (615) 829-9334 so we can take a look at the condition of your roof and provide a free estimate for commercial roof repair or a roof replacement.

Does Your Company Need Roof Repairs or a Roof Replacement?

There are many reasons you might need our company to take a look at your roof. You might be experiencing:

  • Leaks
  • Sagging
  • Algae growth
  • Missing shingles or crushed rock granules
  • Other roof damage

These types of problems can occur over time with general wear and tear on the roof. And we all know how the erratic Middle Tennessee weather can provide instant storm damage to a roof. Some of these problems can be fixed with roof repairs while some require a new roof.

To find out the condition of your roof, give us a call and we will send a commercial roofing contractor to your Nashville area business. We will bring our vast roofing experience to your business.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Value Roofing?

As one of many commercial roofing companies in Nashville, why should you choose Value Roofing?

  1. At Value Roofing, we bring experience and technology to the table. We have 25 years of experience in the Nashville roofing industry and our roofers have a combined 50 years of roofing experience. We know the best techniques of the trade and we also utilize the latest roofing technology to assist in our commercial roofing efforts. For instance, we use digital moisture detection to easily and accurately detect moisture.
  1. We offer a trio of valuable warranties that go above and beyond our competition with every roofing job we provide. These include:

Workmanship Warranty:

We guarantee a roof we install for ten years — that’s 8 whole years more than most companies offer!

We guarantee a roof we install for ten years — that’s 8 whole years more than most companies offer! Leak Warranty: We will fix any roof leaks for three years at no extra cost to you.

We will fix any roof leaks for three years at no extra cost to you. Shingle Warranty: This warranty is good for a whopping 30 years! During this time, we will replace any shingle that is damaged or blows away for free.

  1. But the main reason that Value Roofing is a trustworthy company is that we are a local family business. We care about our local community and about providing a quality service to that community. We want to be around for a long time, and we depend on our business to take care of our family, so our reputation, positive word of mouth, and repeat business are all very important to us. We know we need to give quality work to achieve that positive reputation in the community.
Private Airport shuttle services – Reach your resort in Breckenridge directly from the Airport!

Private Airport shuttle services – Reach your resort in Breckenridge directly from the Airport!

If you are interested in skiing and want to spend a few days in the mountains where you can enjoy skiing along with the awe-striking nature views, then you must plan your next vacation to Breckenridge in Colorado. It is a town based around the mountain range, and you book a flight to the Denver International Airport as there is direct transportation from there to the Breckenridge.

If you want to enjoy to the fullest, you must make all the bookings in advance, such as hotel bookings, gear, clothing, skiing, etc. It will help you to avoid any wastage of time when you reach the destination. You can read about the 10 best Colorado Ski Resorts to make the right decision and enjoy a cozy and safe stay.

How to reach to your resort from the Airport?

The nearest airport to the Breckenridge is the Denver International Airport. There is a considerable distance between Breckenridge and Denver airport, which take around two be covered. You can use different ways to cover this distance, but Denver Airport Shuttle services one of the most popular ways.

You can easily find these shuttles services at the airport. They will directly leave you at your hotel or resort. You can book the shuttle services in advance too so that you need not wait for it after reaching the Denver Airport.

Choose the most suitable Ski resort in Colorado. 

There are several Ski resorts in Colorado that you can book to spend a vacation in Breckenridge. There are numerous options available, which makes it difficult to choose any one out of them. To make the right selection, you must read some online reviews to get to know about the top ski resorts their and which one fits perfectly to your needs and requirements.

What Makes A Quality Personal Dog Trainer?

What Makes A Quality Personal Dog Trainer?

An ideal dog trainer for your puppy should have a wide range of experience in dog behavior with many breeds who uses positive reinforcement as his/her main philosophy of training.

Although there are many good private dog trainers who do not have a degree from a dog training school, it would be better to choose those with training titles acquire in competition and/or participation in a dog training organization such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainer (APDT).

Home Training vs. Engaging a Dog Trainer

Every dog has the potential in him to be intelligent and well behaved, and what he needs is someone to bring the best out of him. Unfortunately, that someone may not always be you – the owner.

In most cases, it is the owner who is unclear on training their dog making the training laborious, boring, and confusing; rarely the other way around. The right dog trainer should realize that the ability of the dog to be trained effectively relies greatly on his owner’s ability to teach. Dog training is a two-part process—the owner as well as the dog needs training.

What is a Personal Dog Trainer?

If you think you need help in training your dog, there are two types of options for you to choose from, personal training and group training. Personal training is an exclusive one-on-one interaction between you, the trainer, and your dog. When choosing a personal dog trainer, you want someone who is willing to train both you and your dog instead of just focusing on the dog. What is more important is that the training is not a quick fix course of less than six weeks. Below are some of the qualifications that you should look for in a personal dog trainer.

Having a personal dog trainer has its own advantages where he will be able to better care for the pet and keep him in check through constant training and remove the airs of a pampered lifestyle from his surroundings. Also, he would care better for his health as personal trainers specialize in the best CBD oil for dogs without compromising on the quality aspect

A Quality Personal Dog Trainer Should…

  • Provide a free consultation where he/she will come to your home and meet with you and your dog.
  • Relate to you and understand where he/she is coming from in terms of questions and training requests.
  • Be honest with you about what he can and cannot do in terms of specific training objectives.
  • Be able to communicate with your dog, understand his personality, and be able to interpret what your dog is saying by observing his behavior.
  • Take time, using gentle but persuasive methods to condition your dog to correctly respond to verbal commands.

  • Teach you how to properly “talk to” your dog using dog language.
  • Show you the importance of tolerance, patience, and understanding when working with your dog.
  • Help you make certain arrangements in your home in order to accommodate the needs of your dog.
  • Continue the conditioning program that occur with your dog at home so he understands your particular needs.
  • Inform you about different changes in their dog’s behavior and what causes those changes to take place.

It does take time and patience to learn to understand why dogs do the things they do and that your dog learns your expectations. Hopefully, during training you will learn to “think” like a dog. And if you’re enjoying the training sessions as much as your dog does, you might want to consider going on to even bigger and better things in dog training.

Who knows? Somewhere out there, the next doggie super star in the making could be your dog.

The Finest Shoes For Zumba Uncover Which Styles Made The Lower

The Finest Shoes For Zumba Uncover Which Styles Made The Lower

In case you are on the lookout for top footwear for Zumba, then you definitely certainly within the right location. This brief article was created to check out the five biggest sneakers proper now to do Zumba in that are best for working on concrete floors.

Uncover the rationale why these sneakers are thought to be perfect, along with looking at a number of the various features that come with the precise shoe.

When looking for Zumba footwear, it’s crucial that you get athletic shoes that present consolation and ease, balance, assist, and adaptability. For anyone who likes to look fashionable at the gym, moreover, you must take into consideration shoes that look great. Here we have chosen three of the best sneakers that folks suppose work finest for Zumba.

The three greatest footwear for Zumba are:

Nike Musique

If you need a shoe that is splendid for Zumba, the Nike Musique ought to be towards the highest of the list. This can be a diminished profile dancing shoe that gives unimaginable help and adaptability. The shoe is out there in several sorts, nonetheless, you will be certain that you simply are getting a shoe that is able to give the help for dancing cardiovascular activities.

The shoe was created particularly for these sorts of actions and that is seen using the Phylon midsole that provides padding, the non-marking rubberized outsole that has great grip, and also the within front foot pivot points making it good to turn and twist. This is a will need to have shoes.

Nike Zoom Trainer

The Zoom trainer is an extremely gorgeous shoe, it’s also among the many best for Zumba. Padding and support are precisely what this shoe is about and you can’t go improper by utilizing it. Its very light-weight which is due to a lightweight nice mesh upper that also makes it breathable.

The footwear has a versatile mid-foot strap which is able to present extra steadiness and assistance. The shoe additionally offers the Nike Zoom unit within the back heel that will provide even more padding.

Ryka Studio Flex Low

Ryka tends to make shoes especially for ladies and for this reason, we advise the Studio Flex Low. It is the perfect shoe for Zumba as a result of it is low-profile, extraordinarily light, and versatile.

It includes a nice breathable higher, incredible Avoid midsole for exceptional consolation and ease, Visco-Elastomere pack to provide incredible overall performance, padding, and luxury. This particular footwear also provides an excellent grip, one thing that is required when Zumba.

The shoes that we talked about above actually are a mix of elegance, consolation, and support. In case you are looking for many great Zumba sneakers, you will want to think about one out of the five. These kinds of athletic sneakers are properly definitely worth the money and you may not remorse this explicit buy at all.

Numerology House Home Reading

Numerology House Home Reading

Numbers and Houses Whether you live in a house, a home, a castle or even a tent, the number of your home is of great significance. The energy that surrounds the number of your home affects the vibrational activity that surrounds the people living within. Regardless of how and where you live, your home number will provide you with the answers to the lifestyle that you can expect whilst residing there. Numbers do not only deal with the live’s of people, they also include the attitude of those within their dwelling place. True Stories For example, i resided close to a home for several years and during this time each family that purchased this home (5 in all), their home was troubled and eventually all of these families divorced and the home was re-sold. After a period of time the local council re-numbered the home’s to ‘lot’ or acreage numbers, and since the number was changed the next family who purchased this home has lived there within harmony for several years. Yes home numbers are important, particularly if you are planning on purchasing a new one, or renting, for the number of your dwelling place will affect the vibrational energy around you.

Another example if you purchase, or reside within any form of dwelling that contains a ‘5’ essence vibration, then you can definitely expect a lot of activity to occur. If you yourself are a quiet or reserved individual then this would not be a suitable environment for you. Home/House numbers should be considered very carefully, either before you rent or purchase and even as you dwell within, as you may find that particular aspects of your life are not quite what you expected them to be. Each number is of great significance regarding your home, whether you live within your car, believe it or not, the number of your car registration has a vibrational affect upon you. We at in-depth-numerology can help you in many ways to find the home or dwelling that will bring harmony in to your life, and assist you to keep this harmonious lifestyle. We require your home/house or even tent number (as each dwelling place is assigned a number), and this number affects your lifestyle.

If you reside at work (as many people do) we require the same as all other dwelling places. Your Garden and Numbers Even you garden is affected by the energies of your home or house number. Have you ever wondered why your plants do not grow? Even though you work hard within your garden? We can supply these answers and many more by using the numerical vibrations and energies that surround both yourself, your family and the home you live within. Do you quarrel often and are unsure why?

Such questions are asked very often among quarreling couples that are disgruntled with living in a joint family and being constantly nagged by parents and elders which is why they prefer living alone while garden conflicts are part and parcel of a family so you can check it here out on how the neighbors play a role in such things in the next question that follows.

Do your neighbours ignore you, or constantly bother you?

Simply supply your house, home, whichever dwelling number you live within, whether it is a simple home or a castle, your name and date of birth, and we will supply you with the greatest of detail to assist you. All We Need… Please supply your home, house and street, road name etc…, and we will supply you with a very in depth and detailed report as to the vibrational activity that surrounds you. Perhaps you wonder why you work hard and may never have the finance to save or renovate your home? All of these answers and many more will be found by purchasing a ‘Home Number’ chart.

These charts are very detailed and quite often they will astound you and your partner (if you have one) as to the effects your home number has upon you. Your life is guided by numbers, energies and vibrations, allow us to bring harmony back into your home, to guide you as to why there may be disharmony, for each and every one of us cannot escape the power of numbers. Your house or home number also has a very strong impact upon the lives of your children, as each person that lives within the home vibrates towards the energies of the particular number you have.

Lite Version PRICE: $10 US ADD TO SHOPPING CART When you purchase a ‘Lite Version’ of any chart , you will receive a Non-Computerised Chart that is a smaller version of the full chart. It will provide you with guidance, you will receive a ‘Compact Version’ at 30% off the marked price. If you are fully satisfied, which we at In-Depth-Numerology have no doubt you will be, you can then purchase the more graphic and fully detailed charts at the regular price. This is completely separate from the free readings that you obtain from the site. Each and every ‘Lite Version’ will give you details regarding the Chart you are interested in, and each one is prepared by hand. These details will include various aspects that are occurring within your life, so that you may get an excellent ‘Compact Reading’, to enable you to feel secure in your purchase of a full reading. 

Is Social Media Right For You? – Check the importance!!

Is Social Media Right For You? – Check the importance!!

Hi there, I’m Roger Byrne. I founded SocialMediaFish as a resource for individuals and businesses looking to make the most of Social Media. If you have a moment, I’d like to offer you a quick explanation of what Social Media is, some ways to use it, and what you can expect from utilizing Social & New Media.

Sharing and genuine interaction make media social. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others attract users by the hundreds of millions because people enjoy sharing things they care about with people they know. Today’s consumer has more than an opinion. She has a voice. By sharing that voice with others online, conversations begin about products, services, and people that you don’t want to miss if you or a competitor is on the list. To learn more about what makes media social, check out the SMF blog!

How Can You Use Social Media?

Here are just a few ways you may soon observe Social Media improving your business:

  • Increase awareness – Whether that awareness is your own in terms of social media (you’re increasing your awareness right now.) or that of consumers learning about you, Social Media provides an open platform to connect with people who care.
  • Connect with customers – Building a network of people who are passionate about your brand results in a Social Media presence that inspires innovation, encourages communication, and drives sales.
  • Move your business into real time – Social Media’s rapid-response requirements might seem daunting at first but the end result will be that your company responds more quickly and with better company-wide communication than ever before.

One strength of Social Media is its constant development. As communities form around new platforms and existing networks change, Social Media is constantly creating new opportunities. If you’d like to discover other ways Social Media might work for you or discuss how I can help you as a Social & New Media Consultant, please take a moment to get in touch! Clicking Here at the official site will meet with the requirements of the business managers. The use of the platform is there with the intelligence and skills of the people. The working of the social media is great to have more benefits. 

What Can Social & New Media Do For You?

As you consider using SocialMediaFish to help you meet your Social Media goals, you’ll be glad to know that I consistently try to put myself out of work. How do I do that? By empowering my clients through use of Social Media tools and best practices to establish a vibrant Social Media presence entirely sustained in-house. My focus on sharing knowledge and optimizing for results is best reflected through the following service groups we’ll discuss as part of your initial Social Media consultation.

You need to connect with your customers and quickly respond to their requests, complaints, and even praise. If you’d like to monitor brands, employees, executives, products, and buzz quickly and easily anywhere on the web, you’ll need a comprehensive Social Media Strategy. From short campaigns on a single platform to extended efforts across many platforms, I have the experience and knowledge to help you develop a strategy that works.

If you want to efficiently develop a brand or grow a company, you need to know what people think about your product or business. It might not be fun to learn about the good, bad, and ugly. But you need to know the truth about perceptions of your brand if you want to improve. Using SocialMediaFish, you can monitor your online reputation across the Web, through blog posts and comments, Twitter, Facebook and more. The comprehensive strategy I’ll help you create as your Social Media Consultant will guide your every step as you navigate the social Web in support of your brand.

Are you bringing your brand back from a catastrophe and need to know where you stand? Perhaps your business is very new and you want to track perception of your endeavor? Reputation management is easier to handle with comprehensive reports. Receive customized monitoring reports directly to your email as frequently as you choose. Hourly, daily or weekly, SocialMediaFish makes sure the information is there when you need it.

What Should You Do Now?

Get in touch with any questions you might have about Social Media and how the services I offer might help you in your upcoming Social Media efforts.

Stop by the SocialMediaFish blog for current news, thoughtful commentary, and contests to win great stuff.

I hope you found your efforts worthwhile and that we’ll enjoy a conversation soon. If not about using Social Media for business, perhaps on a topic that interests you in a personal way? I’m always glad to meet new people!

The Cryptocurrency Market Surpasses $55bn – Where Next?

The Cryptocurrency Market Surpasses $55bn – Where Next?

The past twelve months have demonstrated political landscapes that have shook and shocked countries around the world, going against all that had been predicted – with two surprise presidential triumphs in Trump and Macron, Brexit and a snap general election. And as we all know, in times of uncertainty, cryptocurrencies surge – it seems that there may never have been a better time to consider cryptocurrencies as a tempting form of investment. Could it be that all of the political changes we’ve seen and are yet to see have led to the monumental milestone of the Cryptocurrency Market surpassing US$55bn? And what could be around the corner for the upcoming 12 months? Here, we find out…

The magical $55bn mark (and a market that bucks a single trend)

The market cap (the figure that represents the value of the entire cryptocurrency market) has surged, up from US$40bn just a month ago, to an unprecedented $55bn today.

This is a huge jump in numbers compared to last year and this is something that was unheard of in the cryptocurrency field which goes on to show that this is indeed a good investment that people should try out and visit Blockchain.org website at regular intervals to ascertain market fluctuations that would inspire them to take up new ventures in Bitcoin.

Perhaps most notable about this was the fact that this increase wasn’t down to Bitcoin alone (as it has been previously, before many other viable cryptocurrencies entered the market). The question then is why we are choosing to consider so-called alt-coins over and above the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies? Let’s find out…

In times of uncertainty, investors look for a safe haven

Nothing seems certain in any political landscape, and with the Europe elections looming next year, we can presume that markets around the world will continue to give investors the jitters.

Expert analysis has stated that this uncertainty has driven a 13% growth in virtual currency, and has led to Bitcoin now being worth more than gold (the timeless favourite of investors seeking a sure thing investment wise).

“Bitcoin has more than doubled its value since the beginning of the year,” In the past, bitcoin has acted as a safe haven for investors worried about political instability and the performance of other asset classes”

Taking a look at Bitcoin and diversification

While Bitcoin continues to be the market leader in the realm of cryptocurrency with a market cap of US$28.88bn we need to remember that each Bitcoin is currently valued at $2,211.56, whereas 10 days ago it held a value of $1, 68, with performance that continues to surge then suddenly stagnate. This is a prime example of the undisputed fact that a digital asset can never increase without experiencing resistance.

All of which is leading to a market of smart investors who are diversifying when it comes to their currencies – a strategy that is used in any realm of investment, be it in the digital world or in traditional stocks and shares.

NEM, Lightcoin and Ripple are each perfectly placed examples of digital assets that are grabbing attention on the market – Ripple being perhaps the poster child for how cryptocurrency millionaires can still be made overnight.

So, just where are we heading to next?

Onwards, upwards and into the mainstream?

In short, up. More and more investments are being made into cryptocurrencies and we’ve well and truly surpassed the times where they were considered outside of the mainstream. We’re actually surprised that governments haven’t as yet taken on serious efforts to regulate or somehow tamper in this area – although with the great global changes happening right now, perhaps they have other matters on their mind (for now at least).

Investors must be seriously informed when they choose their digital assets

The cryptocurrency market remains unpredictable, and can take a big hit with only a little jitter seen when unwanted news is released by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Ultimately this means that investors must be informed and dedicated to a continual education as to what’s happening in the markets and why (as well as having solid resources for expert insight and predictions).

“In a reminder of just how fickle the market for such new-fangled assets can be, just after 4 p.m. Friday, the Bitcoin price took a U-turn and plummeted to lows not seen in months, dipping below $1000 to as low as $980, after Bitcoin investors received some bad news from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission”.

Cryptocurrency acceptance is going to grow

Hopefully, at long last, we’ll soon see retailers and organisations beginning to accept cryptocurrencies in significant numbers. We say this as recently the University of Ohio began to accept Bitcoin for courses, after which numerous other colleges followed suit, while over in Japan legislation has recently been passed to allow retailers to accept cryptocurrency (and as a nation of innovation, we predict that this will be the first nation to fully embrace crypto on-masse. Finally, we look to Hungary, where bitcoin cash machines are being installed – a world first, no less. All of which may mark a turning point for this industry.


Find out everything you need to know before purchasing a new boiler here!

Find out everything you need to know before purchasing a new boiler here!

Purchasing a boiler is altogether a big and expensive decision. Not everyone can afford the same, so if you need a boiler, you will have to pay a lot of attention to its features and compare them with your needs and requirements. We know that not everyone keeps a boiler, so you might have thousands of questions in your mind as to which boiler is the best. If these questions bother you too, then we are here to provide you with a solution to it. We have selected some of the factors to reduce your doubts. 

What are the factors you should look for while purchasing a boiler? 

  • The one thing you should keep in mind is to purchase a reliable boiler. You need to understand that more reliable the boiler, lesser will be the cost of the boiler. So, if you want to get a price on a new boiler here, then we would like to tell you that the average cost of boiler repair is 210-euros. 
  • You should seek the assistance of a professional. The advice of a boiler engineer will come in handy. You need to understand that sometimes, the engineers are gone through under training to be biased against a company or specific product. So, try and listen to their words carefully. 
  • All in all, we have three types of boilers, the heat-only boiler, the system boiler, and a combination boiler. You can choose the one that you like the best and make your purchase. 
  • The final option is to choose an efficient, as well as the size of the boiler. A product that can do everything for you and can handle large amounts of liquid as well. 

So, we hope we were able to answer most of your questions and allow you to get a price on a new boiler here. 


Haunted Places in Florida – why to travel at this place?

Haunted Places in Florida – why to travel at this place?

As soon as you hear the name Florida, you imagine coastlines, beaches, sands, and of course, the sun! The weather in Florida is pretty warm throughout the year compared to the rest of the United States. You won’t really need to use heaters while staying in Florida. However, there certainly are places which will send cold shivers down your spine.

Geographically, Florida is pretty close to Cuba. This place is indeed meant for the Cuban community. However, if history is to be believed, at least two gruesome deaths have taken place here. The ghosts of those who died, as well as a few other people, are claimed to have been spotted by visitors to this place. The club is currently rented out for conducting events

While the Cuban club mentioned above lies in Tampa, this is a haunted place which lies in Orlando. Lake Lucerne is a famous lake in Orlando. On the southern shore of the lake, there is an old oak tree and it has been rumored that a lady in white has often been spotted here

This place is located in the relatively lesser known town of Ocklawaha and is certainly not meant for those who have heart trouble. The place is the site of a shootout of a mother and her son which involved firing more than 2,000 bullets. Needless to say, people believe that those spirits still live here and continue to haunt the place. A few years ago, it was even put up on auction but the minimum price was not met. Every January, the shootout scene is re-enacted. The house was built in the 1930s and lies in front of a lake. Either there is a smooth travelling or tough, the hiring of the services from leiebilnord.no will offer plenty of benefits. The correct and genuine information is shared with the customers for offering the services. The best brand is selected to have potential benefits. 

A battle field is supposed to be a place of violence already, adding mystery and horror to it merely increases the suspense. The Olustee Battlefield lies in Baker, and is a historically important place in terms of the civil war. Re-enactments of that war take place here. The actors who take part in the re-enactment claim that they come across mysterious orbs while clicking photos of the re-enactment. As per them, they appear to be spirits of the soldiers who died in the war.

Based in Jacksonville, this is another place which is sure to evoke shrieks and screams. Horrific stories and rumors have been spread about this apartment complex, such as blood dripping from walls, foul smells, decaying faces seen in mirrors, etc. In fact, there is even some confusion as to which of the apartments is actually haunted. A reason for this confusion is that so far nobody has been able to stay with the ghosts here. Many people have been reported to be killed here, some due to illnesses and some due to fire. Even on the grounds, a white ghost cat is claimed to have been spotted by many people. So it is definitely a very disturbing place for sure.